Many people consider fashion to be a hobby, so naturally they will have some interest in the basics of clothing design. It can be easy to get caught up in the details and trends, but the most simple and basic rule is to always wear what makes you happy!


Color theory is a big part of clothing design. Which colors match or clash, and which ones work best with particular hair colors, eye colors, or skin tones can have a big impact on the design. Some designers will stick very strictly to a particular color wheel or scheme. How strictly you want to adhere to a particular set of colors will be up to you.

Length, Shape, and Fullness

The length, shape, and fullness of a neckline, skirt, or cuff has a big impact on its overall appearance. If you want something breezy and fluid, you'll be using much more material to accommodate that movement. Movement is a big consideration here, since you'll want a certain amount of wearing ease so that people are comfortable in the clothes. However, too much wasted material can make it look frumpy or ill-fitting. The appearance that you want will determine the design ease, but going overboard is often not recommended. Similarly, not providing enough ease can make it feel tight and constricting.


Learning to work with a variety of materials is a big benefit as a designer. Velvet and satin don't handle the same way, and the same is true with linen or cotton. Familiarizing yourself with the various materials will help you significantly in putting together a collection or simply assembling a wardrobe that you enjoy. Today, there are also wrinkle-free versions of clothing or wicking materials, which are very popular for athletic wear.


It seems like this is the most important consideration. Shouldn't clothing design be fun? Shouldn't fashion be enjoyable? There are a number of clothing manufacturing companies in New York City, but turning such a passionate and wonderful experience as clothing design into a mere job seems to run counter to whole process. If you aren't wearing something that makes you feel powerful, beautiful, or just plain giddy, then maybe it isn't right for you. The same seems true for designing the clothing in the first place.